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Transformers Devastation...More Than Meets The Eye!!! (Multi)

(10-26-15) by Rob McCallum



I’m an 80s kid, so when Platinum Games announced a G1 Transformers game, I was sold before I saw a single screen shot. Boy that screams 80s commercialism, doesn’t it? Then screen shots and game play hit the net and I was whisked away to my 5 year old self, sitting inches away from the television watching the noble Autobots take on the nefarious Decepticons. Flash forward to now and I’ve got the game and I hear, not only Optimus Prime’s voice, but also Megatron’s voice too. Drool. Let’s get going!


Transformers: Devastation (Activision, Platinum Games MSRP $59.99) is a pretty straight forward hack n’ slash, beat’ em up, that screams arcade intensity. The music, the sound effects, the non-stop pulse racing speed sucks you in right away, even if the main level early on is a city that feels more like a series of interconnected obstacle courses. It’s clear these early stages were developed to get you used to the controls in the general mission/objective format that makes up the game. Everything is based on combos, and botton-timing and you’ll soon move from a button masher to a combo-combat expert that throws in some dodges, and figures out each opponents attack style. You’ll need to play through the first stages bit in order to actually gain the ability to select your favorite Autobot, which is okay, because the first chapter rotates your through the options, which later expand.


Much like driving around with no particular objective in Grand Theft Auto, there’s pure bliss that comes from zooming around the levels and switching between robot and vehicle mode at a fast, fast pace. And of course, every time you transform, you get the iconic sound effect as well! I sat there for a good 5-10 minutes just transforming just to hear that sound over and over again. Thankfully, it never feels under mixed during intense combat that requires you to switch modes for the best results against an opponent. Bliss.

Speaking of opponents, it was a bit odd that so early on you do battle with Megatron, Soundwave, and Star Scream. It’s never the final battle but to face them early on felt like a bit of recycling since you see them later too. With a universe as vast as Transformers, you think they’d be able to weave other villains to act as your foes early on in the game. This is by no means a complaint, just maybe something that took away from the nerves of having to face Megatron at the end. There’s no mystery when we’re exposed near the beginning, but boy it’s cool to go toe to toe with him!


Story-wise we’ve seen similar narratives in a lot of pop culture universes: Megatron wants to terraform Earth and make it another Cybertron. It wasn’t clear what he gains by doing this, but obviously that means the loss of all humanity, and the Autobots can’t let that happen. So, you drive around smashing things, stopping an insecticon invasion and more and it feels a bit bland until you finally leave the city environment and get to a Cybertronian ship in Chapter 2. Now, the story starts to gel and now you feel like you’re out of a tutorial, exploring, and living in the Transformers universe. I’ll leave the spoilers there, but the story’s pretty fun and every pair of chapters feels like it could be an episode of the original series.


From the early footage, I knew this was going to be an arcade brawler but I didn’t expect that there would be a crafting system with RPG like elements for weapons and stat enhancements. I got through all of chapter two before realizing this and suddenly the game… transformed… into something else. Now I was looking in every corner for secret pick-ups, unique items, and to take on more enemies for experience. It kinda felt like Zelda! And speaking of other games, Platinum has gone the extra step and given you other “modes” or levels that call back to familiar games of yesteryear! There’s a Galaga part, a shooter on rails kinda like Turtles in Time part, and even a top-down mission that feels like GTA 2. Ya, this game is deep and taking you much further than the advertised hack n’ slash, beat ‘em up. It’s MORE THAN MEETS THE EYES! I literally had to stop playing the game to write this review but can’t wait to beam back to the Ark, team up with Bumble Bee, and kick some Decepti-chops across the galaxy!




Of course, every gamer has a wish list and mine are never anything that holds the developer ransom. It’s rare that a game comes out of the gate this well and has so many options for DLC and future iterations. First, like any toy-based game, I want more Autobot options. I know this is G1, but gimme Hot Rod, Ultra Magnus, Blurr and Arcee. Give me a Deception mode as well! Give me more RPG elements and make the crafting system a bit easier to understand. I wasted a lot of credits sorting it out and while I like how the game never held my hand through the process, I wish there was a quicker way to master what’s being asked and demanded and even make that side of it crucial to heading out into the field. Gimme more levels too. The city level felt a bit over used and while I learned the map well, I want more environments.


This next wish list item is more of something that I'm on the fence about because it’s a catch 22: I love the arcade, fast paced action, but the camera gets caught behind you sometimes and it’s hard to see where your opponents are; the map in the lower left really helps out, but it’s not perfect. That said, how can you have fast action and a camera that’s on top of your movements? You can’t as that’s one element that gives you a sense of speed. So maybe scratch that but consider the way in which characters get trapped in the closed environments when boss battles ensue. Not many games have a perfect premise or license to make use of on-going DLC, but this one seems to have a lot of potential to push the boundaries and let you take hold of ongoing updates so, in a trademark change of heart, I urge the devs to consider some options that go beyond skins. Expand the game with chapters, characters, and elements - maybe the way that Tell Tale often does with their games.


I can’t recommend this title enough. I don’t think it’s a game of the year contender but it’s a solid game and that’s really hard to claim with 90% of releases nowadays. Since E3 2015, this one has been on my radar and didn’t disappoint. The length seems right, the feel seems right, and the content, and story, feel right. Grab this game, have some fun, transform and roll out!


Rob McCallum is an award-winning filmmaker, documenting subjects like video games, heavy metal, fanboy fanatics, and more. His work has garnered press attention from NBC, CBS, CBC Radio•One, CTV, WIRED, dozens of blogs, and has been showcased on MTV, FOX Sports, and in MAXIM Magazine. Known for out-of-the-box thinking and fierce determination, McCallum currently hosts a top 10 "GamerCast" on Patreon and iTunes, and is a guest contributor for NERDKO.com. His obsession with all things Jim Henson is hard to understand but most people forgive him for his deep love of Masters of the Universe and Ducktales.


























































Transformers Devastation Part Two...Can it light our Darkest Hour?

(10-27-15) by Glenn Stanway



E3 is known for surprises, but this year, the big shock wasn't delivered by the arrival of a new "Call of Duty" or the gameplay video for "Uncharted 4". No, this cartoon robot aficionado received an unexpected piece of happy news: the announcement of a new G1-era Transformers title from Bayonetta developer PlatinumGames!

A few short months later, Transformers: Devastation (Activision/Platinum Games- PS4, PS3, XB1, XB360, PC MSRP $59.99) has arrived, and along with it come some very high expectations. The current high-water mark for games based on the property are High Moon's third-person shooter War for Cybertron and its sequel, Fall of Cybertron, both of which take liberties with Generation One continuity and serve as loose tie-ins to the animated series Transformers Prime. Older Transformers games are largely forgettable. Can Devastation marry the beloved property with a new stylish action aesthetic to take the series in a bold new direction? And is it able to be more faithful to the animated series that so many of us grew up with in the process?

The answer is a resounding... sort of.

First, the pros: Devastation looks and sounds the part. The character models in the game look like cel art come to life, right down to the simulated metallic sheen on each robot hero and villain. The soundtrack is a hard-to-resist assault of hair metal guitar shredding, and Platinum's biggest shot at earning some nerd street cred comes in the form of the game's cast, which is populated by a fair number of the TV series' original voice cast. Peter Cullen and the legendary Frank Welker return as Optimus Prime and Megatron, respectively, with voiceover vets Dan Gilvezan (Bumblebee), Michael Bell (Sideswipe/Scrapper), and Gregg Berger (him Grimlock!) also lending their talents to old favorites.


The combat is reminiscent of the developer's previous titles, with an emphasis on style, flashy-looking action, combos, and careful timing. The x-factor here is our robot ensemble's unique ability to transform into vehicles, and Platinum did a fantastic job of weaving this gimmick into combat. It's unbelievably satisfying to lay into a vehicon with Sideswipe's dual swords, tap the transform button to dodge, enter slow motion while landing a couple of hits, then flip into car mode to finish the poor sap off with a vehicle attack. What's also great is that each of the playable Autobot heroes - Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Wheeljack, and Grimlock - feel different in battle, sporting unique handling and special attacks. Grimlock, as may be expected, is a sluggish powerhouse, while Bumblebee makes up for his relative lack of heavy damage with unparalleled combo abilities.

This presentation has a downside, though, and it's chiefly the bland environments you'll be performing all this metal-on-metal carnage within. The game's locations - an unnamed, generic city and a crashed subterranean Cybertronian ship, in the early going - are serviceable, and that's frankly the kindest thing to be said for them. Each area feels a like a series of small obstacle courses chained together by random entry points, and no area in the game feels alive. It's almost laughable when Prime frets over the danger the game's humans are in, since you never see one, even in cutscenes. This been-there-done-that aesthetic really saps the fun from what few collectibles there are to find since it makes navigation a bit of a chore; by the time I hit chapter three, I was already starting to run past the rank-and-file Decepticon foot soldiers to get to the next checkpoint and the infinitely more entertaining boss fight that would surely be awaiting me there.

Those boss fights, admittedly, are varied, frequently surprising, and pretty great. Popular 'Cons like Soundwave, Starscream, Devastator, and of course, the almighty Megatron get their due, and just when you think you've gotten a bead on how these encounters will work, the game throws you a curveball. There's a fun sidescrolling brawl on a lengthy city bridge against Blitzwing, and a memorable top-down sequence where you've got to transport explosive energon cubes while fending off attack. The game certainly does its best to mix things up with the fighting, but the pacing on many of these encounters feels a bit off. Expect to fight Megatron in one of the game's earliest missions, for example.

With Bumblebee. Not exactly the epic duel you'd expect.

The other disappointing aspect of Devastation is a general absence of fan service; it's there, sure, but it feels like a missed opportunity. There are collectibles, including Kremzeeks and hidden Decepticon insignias, but the unlockables seem to be a bit on the boring side. The classic theme song from the show is nowhere to be found, which seems strange for a game that makes such an effort to ape it. Somewhat more unforgivable, as a brawler with somewhat limited depth, this game is screaming for time attack or challenge modes, or perhaps more glaringly, any opportunity to play as the equally-beloved Decepticon antagonists. Come on, guys, I want to beat up fools with Shockwave!

There are other shortcomings, to be sure: ranged weapons are largely an afterthought, thanks to the game's emphasis on combos, and there's a weapon upgrade system that feels largely overcomplicated and unneccessary when the game could have employed a more traditional upgrade system for character development. But in spite of all this nitpicking, it's hard to argue that the game can still be a lot of fun, or that PlatinumGames had their hearts in the right place. There's a lot to like here if you're an old school Transformers fan, and perhaps even more to look forward to. A sequel could smooth over a lot of the rough edges I've drawn attention to, and the opportunities for DLC with this title are pretty exciting. I'd definitely consider laying down money for a character pack featuring Ironhide, Hound, or Jazz, or a post-movie bundling of Hot Rod, Kup, and Springer.

If you've been a fan of Transformers since their heyday, Devastation is worth checking out. Or if, perhaps, you've tired of the gritty and grim world presented by the Michael Bay films, this could be just the ticket to visit a more innocent age of robot war.


Glenn Stanway is an associate producer for the documentary Nintendo Quest, and also serves as producer, editor and co-host of GamerCast with Jay, Rob, and Glenn.


Is "Powers" good viewing or a wanna be tv show gone bad?


Is Powers the key to Playstation non gaming success?



Mikie likes it! He really likes it!








Gerald's not so sure...


The Power of Sony Playstation's "Powers"




  • JuggaloGoth: When I heard Playstation was getting a show I was thinking, how well will this go? First announced at E3 2014, I find out the show is entitled "Powers" based on the graphic novel series from Icon Comics. It follows detective Christian Walker, a former "Power" (those who are blessed with super natural abilities) turned police detective who goes after those who abuse their gifts. Along with his new partner Denna Pilgrim, he works for the Powers Division solving Power-related crimes. He yearns to regain his abilities that were taken from him by his enemy/mentor Wolfe because of his inability to adjust to life as a normal individual.
  • For a first Playstation exclusive show, this show is awesome! There are original super heroes like Retro Girl and villains like Johnny Royale. It has a real solid story line in my opinion. The plot at first is hard to follow, but becomes clearer with each new episode. Think of it as a grown-up version of Heroes. If you have Playstation Plus (like i do) the show and first season is free. If you are not on PS+ the first episode is free but the other ones will cost you. If you are a comic book geek or just love super heroes or villains I recommend this show. So far it has five episodes out and is worth the watch.



  • YESELVISLIVES : Hold on a second there Juggalogoth, I have a couple of things I want to say about this series. First off while I do applaud Sony for taking a risk (as they often do) by creating and offering up a series to its subscribers I believe there could have been much better choices that viewers could latch onto. Yes, to many the storyline gets muddled and watered down quite frequently with added subplots and sidebars that many would deem truly unnecessary. But whatever positives one could take from the show (the emergence of young super heroes and the inescapable presence of time catching up to older ones as one of the few highlights) gets totally forgotten about in a sea of "F" bombs and gratuitously unrealistic-looking gore that only seems to serve as a showcase for someone who had their hands a little too long in Sony's pocketbook. I understand I am coming off like a prude but during a scene in which three characters are spouting off "F***" repeatedly in a one minute span the obscenities lose all their effectiveness and just appears to the viewer like they were given the green light to curse just for the sake of cursing.
  • Indeed I do want more original programming from Playstation especially after Microsoft all but abandoned its non Halo video projects but what is presented should be something that is going to keep more viewers in anticipation for the next episode. Personally, I think easing in with a show that had a viewer base that was recently cancelled like Almost Human might have been a better initial foray for this new aspect of Sony Playstation's business plan. Powers is getting a new lease on life as it garnered enough viewers to warrant being renewed for another season. My hope is that while "Powers" may not have the "power" to attract enough viewers I do hope Sony will attempt to introduce more programming to Playstation Plus audiences and thereby strengthen the value of this rewarding subscription plan.
  • What are YOUR thoughts on "Powers"? Let us know in the comments here or at Game Source on Facebook, @gamesource on Twitter or e-mail us info@yourgamesource.com


So what do we think of HD remakes?

















Roundtable of Doom: What do you think of HD Remakes?

(1-29-2015) by the Game Source Staff


So I hear all this hoopla about HD remakes and it seems like people are on one side of the fence or the other. A lot of journalists who are complaining are the very same who complained for years about consumers buying used games taking the money away from developers. While I believe that's true that Used Games do take money away from developers, they must be cognizant that gamers have to for the most part adhere to strict budgetary concerns and that if they enjoy the game there are residual monetary benefits that can come from it(buying future iterations, Season Passes, DLC etc.) Besides, many consumers then trade in used games to buy new ones creating a positive domino effect for publishers. Now with this generation you have that PLUS publishers spending time with smaller teams and budgets making HD remakes for re-release and thereby gaining a potential new source of income. The argument that it takes away from new games being made usually doesn't hold up for those reasons I just stated earlier. Game Source Staff, I want to read your thoughts on this. Do you mind HD remakes and if so name one (or more) games or series you would like to see freshened up for a potential new audience...


YESELVISLIVES- OK I'll start first,a Mass Effect, Uncharted, Left 4 Dead and Serious Sam HD upgrade would peak my interest. That and a Oblivion/Skyrim HD remake bundle would definitely get my interest. Anyone else?


OSU WATERPOLO- HD remakes should be PS2/Xbox/GCN gen or before, otherwise it feels like a port. Even with the FF7 remake coming, I'm not thrilled. Remakes should be for games that are hard to find, or no one really played. I could also see a company trying an older game, to test the waters to see how a game will do in the current market. But so many games are doing it recently, it has kinda killed the 'omg i want them to redo _____ thoughts'


SARAH- Yes, but if they sink money into remaking a game that no one played, there is serious risk that again no one will play it, thus wasting time and money.


YESELVISLIVES- Yes Sarah, even early in this generation there has be HD upgrades that have been seemingly on the surface been rejected by consumers but as long as the lure for easy money is there HD remakes will continue to fall into our laps. I believe in the future there will be a ton more HD remakes and along with it there will be a lot of hits and misses in the retail space. For every Sleeping Dogs there's a Tomb Raider which performed admirably in Square Enix's eyes when it was released on current gen consoles around this time last year. It will certainly help their cause if substantial improvements will be implemented in your HD release (see: Grand Theft Auto V) that shows consumers the developer/publisher actually put some thought before re-releasing their titles.


  • YESELVISLIVES-Anyone else want to join in the conversation?
  • JV the 9- I like them, as long as they're not trying to charge full "new game" price for it. Duck Tales was one of my favorite NES games every, I jumped at the chance to plunk down $20 to play it redone and I enjoyed the piss out of it. I've played Resident Evil several times. I'm still inclined to drop $20 to play it again on my 360. Maybe I'll wait for a price drop because I've played it a few times already.

    At the same time I get that it's taking time, attention and resources away from original ideas or other games and just seem to be developers trying to make a quick buck. This may be the right wing side of me talking, but let them, there's obviously a market for it. At the same time, developers/publishers shouldn't be using their top notch coders and other people or resources to get these done either. Mega Man 9 and 10 were literally made by Capcom interns who were being taught how to code, why not do something similar with more of the next wave of developers coming down the pipe?
  • StephTFoo- I'm curious as to exactly how HD you want your HD remakes. Both Oblivion and Skyrim go up to 1080i/1080p, the Mass Effect Trilogy bundle does as well, the original Uncharted is 720p. I wouldn't even consider anything that is already HD on its original system to be a remake, it's a port in my opinion, and anything more than $20 for a port is too much.

    I have to agree withOSU Waterpolo that HD remakes should originate from the PS2/Xbox/GC era or before. Anything newer I still have the console and can just play the original. Well, we have all the older consoles and could do the same as well, but once you go back a bit the games graphics really start to show their age.

    As for remastered titles I would like to see that aren't already coming out (Majora's Mask <3) I have always had a love for many of the N64 games since that was really when I dove into gaming. Of the Elder Scrolls series I think an HD remake of Morrowind would make the most sense as it was on Xbox. Indigo Prophecy is another game I would definitely replay. The news of Phantom Dust definitely sparked my interest, as it is a cult classic I happen to own and love for my Xbox. PS2 or even PS1 titles could grab my interest as I never had either system until well into the PS3's lifecycle.
  • YESELVISLIVES-Yes Steph, they do upscale to those specs but so did The Last of Us and GTA V did previously and even though both games were very well received on an aesthetic level on previous generation systems it wasn't until they were modified for the PS4 and Xbox One that you got a true definitive version for each. No one could tell me that the visuals weren't improved dramatically and greatly benefited from being revisited even in such a short period of time. In the case of GTA V some extensive remodeling was done to enhance the game even more. Not only did these games look better but the experience was even more enjoyable to players upon their release.
  • YESELVISLIVES-From a personal standpoint, the games I outlined would each benefit extensively from that combined with gameplay fixes that could streamline the experience for each of those titles even more. Not only would they look better, they would hopefully play better as well. While many clamor for older games being revisited is a welcome idea there is a definite market for those wishing to play a game from the recent past that they experienced recently or just didn't get a chance to play on the previous generation. For developers, as I stated before it seems to be an easier revenue stream and a cheaper alternative to revisit these recent games. While I know that many older titles do deserve even more love, developers and publishers will continue to be selective on their choices due to cost concerns and how much they will get back on their initial investment in revisiting some of these classic titles. I am just glad to see from a gamers standpoint that both classic titles from the past and recent releases are both being considered for such remastering.
  • StephTFoo-True and definitive? I think to slightly upgrade a game that was recently released is greedy and taking away from new games they could be making. Sorry, but I don't put that much weight into the visuals of a game, and at this point it's splitting hairs. The average person is not going to pick up the original GTA V and say this game looks like s@#t, I'll only play it if they update the graphics.
YESELVISLIVES-Well it's awesome to see such diverse opinions on the subject and I appreciate everyone who took time to participate. My only hope is that if there is a game from the past you are fond of that it gets the affection you feel it's deserved. Thanks again everyone!


What are your opinion on HD remakes love'em? Hate 'em? Don't Care? Let us know how you feel on our Game Source Facebook Page, send us a tweet @gamesource or e-mail us info@yourgamesource.com


Is the Nabi Tablet really good for kids?





The Nabi Tab: Great tablet for kids... or is it?


Katie likes it!


Gerald's not as high on it...



The Nabi Tab: Hotpoint of Debate (3/17/2014)


  • KYBaby: My thoughts on the NAbi Tab (MSRP $179.99) So as my kids are getting older they are getting more into gaming and as a gamer myself this makes me both happy and concerned all at the same time. I love that my kids and I can sit and play games together, but I'm concerned about my children going online and having access to games, apps, videos and programs that are not appropriate for their curious eyes. These days kids are finding it easier and easier to get a hold of these questionable forms of entertainment and as a parent I'm grateful for what the Nabi Tab offers. With a bevy of apps, programs and web browser that's built in kid-friendly, the Nabi Tab puts a lot of parental minds at ease with what they have to offer yet finding a way to ensure your children don't have access to questionable things. Additionally, Nabi provides substantial parental controls on top of Nabi's already strict guidelines preventing as well your son and daughter from racking up the charges on one of those "free-to-play" games that includes all the beloved microtransactions. All my kids are utilizing the Nabi Tab and have a fun time in doing so which makes this mom a true believer. I give it a 10 out of 10



  • YESELVISLIVES : Hold on a second there Katie, while I'm happy for you and the family and the newfound love you have with the Nabi Tab, our experience here in the home of YESELVISLIVES was not quite as memorable. While I was happy for the child-influenced design and red rubber casing that encompasses the unit, with extended usage the Nabi Tab proved to show some flaws which quite frankly did not have my kids (nor I) hooked as a Nabi diehard fan. With a menu system that can be cumbersome at times, and a relative lack of strength under the hood that caused and necessitated severe crashes and constant rebooting, the Nabi Tab demonstrated that despite its best intentions, it just couldn't cut the mustard. Add to that a reliability factor of the units we had breaking down within roughly a year after purchase and the Nabi Customer Service access being relegated to a Facebook page with a phone number being at times extremely difficult to obtain, my wife and I felt a change was necessary and we upgraded our children to Amazon Kindle Fire HD's (starting at MSRP $139.99 based on memory and screen size) which not only combine a platform for a great device for children with parental controls that surpass the Nabi's that include budgeting for time, content and access but then even with or without an Amazon Prime account the parents can enjoy and utilize the Kindle Fire in ways the Nabi unfortunately cannot match up to. So for me personally, while I initially enjoyed the options and features available on the Nabi Tab, finding a kid-centric tablet option that's better while staying within the same price range is I'm sorry to say Nabi not all that difficult. Gerald's score 5.5 out of 10



Feel diiferently on the Nabi Tab? Share your thoughts with us at yourgamesource@yahoo.com or our Game Source Facebook page!


Is "Titanfall" the system mover Microsoft and EA hope it will be?



Titanfall is expected to do big numbers for the PC, XBOX 360 and especislly the XBOX One. Will it be enough to change the tide in the "console war"? Share your opinion with us on our Game Source Facebook Page or @gamesource on Twitter!




Is Titanfall a "Game-Changer" for Microsoft?



OK just thought we would throw this out there so I can get a gauge on everyone's thoughts. We're fairly new into the Titanfall era so I ask you is Titanfall a "Game Changer"and so much of a system-seller that it will bridge the gap in sales between the Playstation 4 and the XBOX One? We shared our thoughts below...

  • Jeremiah Johnson well it is also avail on PC so you don't HAVE to get an XBone for it
  • Gerald Glassford While that is true and it's coming out for the Xbox 360.Microsoft and EA has clearly aligned the game for the XBOX One and have their hopes for the future intertwined with each other.
  • Aaron Hicks Ofc M$ is touting the xb1 version. They have never had a title this hyped, this close to the launch window. Halo was a launch title iirc, but very few people knew what it was back then, and those that did saw it as a PC title. X360 didn't have anything...See More
  • Stephanie Johnson Well, if you like mech and/or shooters Titanfall could push you over the line on deciding, but then again it isn't XB1 exclusive, so if you have no other exclusive titles you feel are must haves then why but a whole new system for it?
  • Gerald Glassford I appreciate everyone's thoughts. I agree with Aaron that in the US and the UK the Xbox One will sell more because of Titanfall being A) pushed so hard for the Xbox One and b) delayed and becoming just an afterthought as a Xbox 360 title. Clearly their intention Is to have you get an Xbox One


Thanks to everyone who participated on our staff with their thoughts...



Do we really need to call it a "Console War"





PS4 has the early lead in the "Console War" can the others catch up?


PS4 vs. XBOX One will be a particularly sensitive and closely followed competition to watch this generation.

Why is there a need for a "Console War"



Recently, Sarah, our Editor-in-Chief asked our staff members for their thoughts on the supposed "Console War' between Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Here's what some of our staff came up with....

  • I have a question for staff that I've been pondering myself: why is there a "console war?" As in what's the point, and why do companies, press, etc insist they're "battling it out." The whole console war concept irritates me, personally. Obviously I get the concept, there are strong and weak points for each console (talking new-gen) but there are fans of each regardless, both are making sales, and people like what they like. For example: we are a Playstation family, at my mom's house there are two Xbox Ones, as that's what both one of my brother and sister like. I'm trying to formulate an idea, and I need perspective. Sorry this is a bit all over the place.
    • Jeremiah Johnson I like all 3, and portables. I mean if we want to get technical, a portable is winning the "console" war right now so it's all a moot point anyway lol
    • Michael Speakman idk. i see it as console racism. lol
    • Stephanie Johnson I think it is mainly to have something to talk/complain about. Everyone has a favorite, and people can take that to the extreme. X console is my favorite so it is the best, and this is why, and I'm totally willing to fight about it. We've always bought consoles based on the games available that interest us.
    • Gerald Glassford The media needs something to write about and with the monetary stakes being high when it comes to the video game world it seems like a great opportunity for the press to grab something and run with it. Yes I too owned all three of the previous generation systems but with the success that each company has had at one time or another and the time they enjoyed the spotlight comes the pressure to appease the needs of ardent fans, employees and most importantly shareholders of these companies that their console experience is the best. And that pressure to succeed and come out on top provides a constant flow of interesting news and information news sites and agencies such as ours can't resist reporting, commenting and analyzing on. Besides competition such as this breeds innovation that may otherwise not be created and thus we may not have the great console and handheld choices we have today.
    • Gerald Glassford Ah, the things you can write while waiting for a sandwich lol...
    • Sam Poremba I think the "war" is over the impartials and unimformeds. people who are dedicated to a console don't need convincing. when people are new or don't have an allegiance, companies need to make their product most appealing to those who don't know any better
    • Luis Rios Both the Sony CEO and the Nintendo one have stated that the console war is created and fueled by fans and that they don't support it as it causes you to miss out on amazing games if you pick a side and stick to it. At the same time though they made sure to let everyone one they will continue to negatively reinforce it as long as their is profit to be made.
    • Jamie Monroy There is no true console "war" anymore. It's all a popularity contest nowadays!
    • Gerald Glassford This made for a great Point-Counterpoint everyone.


Thanks to everyone who participated on our staff with their thoughts...


PS4 and Xbox One when is it coming out?





Will Sony one up Microsoft again by releasing it earlier?


Will Microsoft turn around the fortunes of the XBOX One with an earlier release date?

Release Date Madness 8-17-2013


Recently, we asked our staff members for their thoughts on a release date for both the XBOX One and the Playstation 4. Here's what some of our staff came up with....

  • Sarah Martinez I'm going to say mid November. Before Black Friday.
  • Drake Spoon I'm gonna say the Xbox one comes out about Sept 16th and PlayStation around the 22nd of Sept mostly cause they know they'll sell around the hollidays and its all bout the money for them.
  • Sarah Martinez Let's say November 15 then. Week before Black Friday.
  • William Pilgreen I knew rockstar games was holding out for a reason
  • William Pilgreen If I had to guess, I would say November for both. A hiday release will help sales, but it's hard to say
  • William Pilgreen I would have to agree and say before black Friday. GTA V will be released in September, in hopes people will purchase it for both next-gen and current consoles
  • Gerald Glassford I'm going to say XBOX One Tue Nov 12th and PS4 trying to one up them again Nov 5th
  • Gerald Glassford Anyone else? C'mon give it a guess....
  • Jeremiah Johnson I can barely keep track of games I'm excited for and already have on preorder. Not excited about either system until they have some game(s) I want so they're not even on my radar yet.
  • Katie Marie I agree with Sarah Martinez i think it will be on store shelves for black friday
  • George B. Thomas I'm gonna say Nov 19th. watchdogs is a release title and it comes out on everything else Nov 19th.
  • George B. Thomas Nov 19 is also a tuesday ( a normal release date for video game related stuff) and it is 2 days before Black Friday! Holiday Season 2013.
  • Gerald Glassford Appreciate all the great pics so far anyone else?
  • Jamie Monroy I'm gonna say Nov. 5th for PS4 & Nov. 19th for Xbox One.
    I'm mean just look, Ghost comes out for PS4 on the 5th according to Game Stop website.
  • Stephanie Johnson Well, I'll have to go with Nov 29th for Xbox One and Dec 13th for PS4.
  • Gerald Glassford Thank you to all those who have given dates so far, anyone else?
  • Taylei Robinson Um, I couldn't really predict a specific date because I'm bad with stuff like that xD but I would say some time in late October or more than likely early-mid November. Definitely before thanksgiving.
  • Jeremiah Johnson I already replied So far it looks like sometime next year. At least, that's when I figure we'll be picking them up since it'll be at least that long till any worthwhile games come out on either since so far there isn't anything announced yet.
  • Joel Acree Just to toss out my guess for whatever purpose that might serve... I think we'll see both consoles launched in the first part of November, before Black Friday and the holiday rush. I'm not really sure who's going to go first, and I don't think it'll be quite as bad of a situation as it was with the Wii and PS3 (two days apart I think?).

    For fun let's say one of them comes out on 11/12/13. Get it? ;p
  • Blessedmoon Pony What day i said for releases? Lol i forgot
  • Blessedmoon Pony Ill try it again. Ps4: cod ghosts launch date. Xb1: begining of Nov

Thanks to everyone who participated on our staff with their predictions...


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How bad is the "Xbox One" E3 debacle?





Angry Nick: Mad at Microsoft, not so mad at Booth Babes!

Seventh Valkyrie: Forgives Microsoft, not so forgiving of Booth Babes (is that a knife sharpening I hear?)

The XBOX 180: The Reaction 6-23-2013


  • Seventh Valkyrie: i think it's great that Microsoft is taking all of the negative reactions from E3 and making changes. they took a chance with all of these features and when they weren't received well and sony struck a few low blows, they knew they had to do something about it. hopefully fans will recognize this as a positive thing and stay aboard the SS Microsoft


  • S0S Rage: I think the egg is still on Microsoft's face; consider this scenario, if Sony hadn't proposed such drastic changes with their console, would Microsoft have been as motivated to finally provide consumers what they wanted? Or would they have given them the middle finger (like they initially did) and banked on the fan basis they have established to still purchase their system? Microsoft has left a sour taste in my mouth and I think several media entities and consumers still feel very much the same way. Just strictly my opinion of course, but some food for thought.



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Does Nintendo really have a clue?






On the RIGHT










Nintendo Just Doesn't have a Clue...



We were given another Nintendo Direct last week, and let me first take the opportunity to say if you're a hardcore Nintendo fan boy (or girl) there was much to like.  From the new Zelda sequel to the Donkey Kong Country Returns remake to the new versions of Mario Golf and Animal Crossing, Nintendo made sure to go out of its way to bring good news to their faithful and devoted.  But to me it seems that Nintendo just isn't getting it when it comes to promoting its own products.  While the 3DS is still selling admirably, even in the face of a huge mountain known as the mobile gaming market (i.e. cell phone and tablet gaming), the WiiU is suffering miserably so early in its life cycle, often times being outsold by seven and eight year old gaming systems by a 3, 4 or 5x margin every month. 


I had this discussion recently with Jeremiah, who after viewing the Nintendo Direct shared his favorable impressions HERE.  He was trying to convince me that there is hope for the system reiterating what Nintendo reps like to tell you:  They feel that packaging new ideas with existing franchises is the way to go.  Now while I do enjoy the premise, on occasion, of playing one of my old favorites in a new light, one has to look at what made the Wii such a marketed success.  The inclusion of new IP's Wii Sports, Wii Play and Wii Fit (and yes they do qualify as new IP's even though they really didn't offer anything new to the hardcore fan base) were the primary reasons why the Wii became, for a three-year period, the hottest thing the video game industry had ever seen.  While the Mario Karts, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Smash Brothers of the world were big hits, those games were, in my opinion, only beneficiaries of the great success of the Wii games and by themselves would not have pushed the Wii to the levels it ultimately did achieve. 


When I spoke to Jeremiah, he believed as I do that these Nintendo Directs are meant only for the hardcore and to wait for E3 for bigger announcements.  Where I differ is that you CAN use these Nintendo Directs more effectively.  Instead of just solely going after a smaller and already incredibly loyal following they should set their sights higher and try to take the opportunity with these Nintendo Directs by trying to go after a much broader base of consumers.  You can't tell me they don't have the money to make it featured on YouTube or network/cable television and introduce new IP's or a new pricing structure that will spark life into what is already being called by many(along with the Playstation Vita) a system that's dead on arrival. 


Michael Pachter, analyst from Wedbush Securities and very often one of the leading voices in video games, remarked recently on Gametrailers (which you can find HERE) that when the PS4 and the next Xbox come out the WiiU will become less relevant in the eyes of the consumers, and even a price cut may not help.  When those new systems debut the PS3 and X360 will both most assuredly be brought down in price permanently ($99-$149 maybe?) and would give consumers still a better alternative than the WiiU, especially due to the superior online experiences and easier (and cheaper) access to a wider availability of games.  Now is the time for Nintendo to act strong while there's somewhat of a lull in the gaming market, but instead their focus seems to be a little misguided. 


I can only hope that Nintendo will give me, as a consumer, a true reason to buy a WiiU and think of it as an awesomely unique experience.  Right now updated HD remakes and new iterations of the same tired, depleted franchises are just not going to cut it Nintendo.  Not to me unfortunately, and certainly not to most of the general video game consumers at large.  Such a shame, sometimes it doesn't pay to be the first on the block to build a new toy, because that allows others to make their toys much bigger and much better. Wait until Angry Nick gets wind of this article...



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On the LEFT

A Rebuttal to "Nintendo Doesn't Have a Clue" (4/23/2013)


I'll first say that for whatever reason people seem to label me as a Nintendo fan boy, which is confusing to me because I own all the systems (handheld included) and play them all equally. The only reason I think people may get this idea is because I find myself defending Nintendo quite often, but really the only reason for that is they get picked on way more than the other two and often for stupid reasons. For example, if you didn't at least try out anything on a Wii because you thought it was just a "waggle machine", that's a stupid reason, and caused you to miss out on quite a lot of good games. In the case of Gerald's article though, there are plenty of good points.


As is obvious by looking at the article I wrote about the Wii U I got it day one. There were enough games coming out and announced that interested me, and I'm confident more will be on the way. He also mentions the Vita as a dead on arrival system, and I have the same feelings there. I picked one up because there were enough games to justify it for me, and I knew more were coming. I understand most gamers are not like this though and will only buy when there are enough games to keep them busy instantly. I will say that it probably would've helped the Wii U more if they had waited a bit to release the system and had secured more games and third parties, even though it released with more games than the 360, PS3, or Wii did.


New IPs are a pretty big hot button, and I'll first say that I do think it's past due for Nintendo to get out some new ones. The newest one that I can think of is HarmoKnight for the 3DS, which is a handheld game and download only. Fun little game, but unless they plan on expanding on that, that's what it'll stay as, a downloadable handheld game. Nintendo has more than enough money to take some risks on new IPs NOW while they need to, and also help secure the third party support. While I'm certainly not complaining, I think they're focusing too much on the 3DS, which doesn't really need any help at this point. With so many games to play on my 3DS I barely have enough time to play any console games, and that's certainly a weird problem to have.

Nintendo Direct...now, I know I said this to Gerald but I'll say it again, his stance has totally flip-flopped on this one. Originally he thought it was a bad idea that they showed off so much stuff at the last big Nintendo Direct that featured Wind Waker HD and the new Xenoblade, saying that "They won't have anything left for E3!” Now of course another big Nintendo Direct later and he wants more and for them to publicize it. I get what he's saying though, and when Wii Fit came out, that WAS all over the morning TV shows and the internet. Since they've done it before, I'm sure they would again if they had something similar to showcase. Of course that brings us back to the issue of needing a new IP that'll pander to that crowd.


With the new systems coming, the early adopters will be the hardcore and fans of those companies, but unless they have enough worthwhile games at launch they'll have similar problems. I also don't really think them dropping the price of the 360 and PS3 is as relevant as Michael Pachter and Gerald make it out to be. To start, I believe the price drop will be before the new systems come out, not right when they come out, otherwise they are strangling their own launches. At the same time, the Wii U DOES play Wii games also, which somehow gets forgotten quite often. If recent rumors are true, the new X-Box will be backwards compatible and thus a price drop on the 360 would lessen that effort and selling point. The PS4 is also supposed to have the streaming PS3 games which, while not quite the same, is similar enough.


Nintendo always seems to be the target of these "doom and gloom" articles. I will point out that the 360 launched with a terrible line up (not to mention numerous hardware failures), and the PS3 was far too expensive. Game systems seem to always have pretty bad launches in general it seems. Even Nintendo's own 3DS had a weak start and instantly the internet was ablaze with doom and gloom for Nintendo. Obviously those wild assumptions ended up being just that, wild assumptions. Granted, it doesn't take a game analyst to see the Wii U is doing awful, I'm not saying it isn’t. I just think it's a little early to say they failed and to jump ship. Speaking of, I've always found it hilarious that many fans of just Microsoft or just Sony want Nintendo to fail so they'll instead only make games...for their system, since they refuse to buy Nintendo's. In any case, Nintendo, as the oldest game company still making games, always has a lot to prove to the gaming masses.





Wait! What side am I on? I forgot...












When I first heard that Jeremiah had taken issue with some of the things mentioned in my previous post on Nintendo (which you can read below) I will admit I wasn't surprised. Jeremiah, as he stated in his response (which you can read below as well) often does gets mistaken for being a Nintendo fan boy. What they don't realize is that he, along with Joel, in my opinion provides a more diverse knowledge base for video games than anyone else on the staff. Whether it be a question on a JRPG or thoughts on whether or not a certain MMO should have gone Free-to-Play, I know Jeremiah is someone who I can also go to for an informed opinion. Now that being the case I can truly say without a doubt he represents what Nintendo often targets: a hardcore video game fan base. As for myself, I believe when I speak, write or review video games, I always try to view from the point of view of how the average (or casual) consumer might interpret it. Now, mind you I'm not a paid analyst, but I believe my extensive years in video game and retail management have given me a keen eye on what the casual fan may (or may not) be looking for (If you need proof listen HERE to GS Podcast #45 where I nail the launch date and price and NO it wasn't by accident...).


That being said, I want to address the items in his blog that I take difference to. First, I have not at any time "Flip-Flopped" on my thoughts on Nintendo. I did state an initial hope for the WiiU console coming from their first big Nintendo Direct after what can only be described as an abysmal E3 2012 press conference (trust me I was there falling asleep with everyone else) and initial Holiday 2102 sales performance. I did say these Nintendo Directs have been great for the Nintendo faithful but not for the consumer at large. Now as for the "they'll have nothing at E3" comment, while I'm sure they will still roll out MORE of the same remakes and sequels to their proven commodities, any new IP's will get drowned out in a sea of major announcements from Sony and Microsoft, the main problem with traditionally going third on the E3 conference trail. I did state that blending in New IP's and familiar additions to the WiiU/3DS lineup to the Nintendo Directs along which a much higher priority on promotion of said Directs would give Nintendo a much better appearance to the casual fan. I will respectfully leave the "flip-flopping" to one Angry Nick, who gives kudos to Microsoft one minute, Sony the next.


Commenting further on the other misconception in my article, I didn't say that the WiiU does not play Wii games. I said that "due to the superior online experiences and easier (and cheaper) access to a wider availability of games" the Xbox360 and PS3 would be a better alternative for the consumer now, and even when Sony and Microsoft introduce the PS4 and the next Xbox to the marketplace and both of their previous consoles get a substantial reduction in price. Remember, you can play all Wii games that use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection on the Wii U. You can't keep your saves in both places though (you can use the system transfer to move them from the Wii to the Wii U, but they can't be moved back) so you're kind of stuck between the proverbial a rock and a hard place there. If your game requires WiiConnect24, well "it'sa no-no" as Mario would say. Oh, and did I forget if you're moving your saves over to WiiU, or downloading additional WiiU items or updates you have to purchase an additional hard drive space just like the XBOX 360 4GB, except depending on the size it may cost you an additional $50-$200 because an 8 or a 32GB drive isn't going to cut it. This is where the average consumer needs to be notified that at least they have options with Sony and Microsoft where they can purchase a system with 250 to 500GB right out of the box. I know Jeremiah's going to say that 250GB or even 500GB to a gamer fills up fast, which is true. But to the average consumer who gets it as a gift, buys it for Netflix, or just occasionally plays Call of Duty their value from having a larger hard drive initially is substantially increased because they will not fill up the memory quite as fast, if at all perhaps.


One thing is for certain, Jeremiah and I quickly came to an agreement on one concern. With 3rd parties jumping off the WiiU like rats from a sinking ship, if Nintendo doesn't start producing original, innovative and widely attractive IP's, Nintendo's entry for its "next-gen" system will have a shorter life span than the Game Cube. Nintendo needs to change its way of thinking on many fronts very quickly because even with the moderate success of the 3DS, cell phone and tablet gaming will keep taking bigger and bigger chunks of the mobile gaming pie. For a company that just lost a huge amount of money AGAIN this year that's not a good sign. Even after all is said and done Jeremiah, I've yet to pour dirt on the grave of Nintendo, at least for now. I still have hope for Nintendo that they'll turn things around and head in the right "Direct"ion.


Feel diiferently on Nintendo's prospects? Share your thoughts with us at yourgamesource@yahoo.com or our Forum at http://www.yourgamesource.com/forum.html



The Trial of Archimedes Is it Too Hard?


on the left...Stephtfoo (3/26/13)




It is a universal fact that the Trial of Archimedes is the toughest segment in God of War: Ascension. In my review of the game I detailed exactly why this segment is so challenging. Challenge is great for a game. If it we didn’t face any challenges, what would be the point of the game? But there is a line between challenging and punishing, and I feel that this segment has crossed that line. I’ve come across far too many horror stories about hours upon hours spent just trying to make it past the Trial.


A nerf for the Trial is in the works, though as of writing this I haven’t been able to find exactly what Sony Santa Monica plans to change. I think that this is more than called for in this situation. While it was incredibly gratifying to finally make it past the Trial, it was utterly miserable every second before finally seeing that beautiful checkpoint save pop up. More than a few time I felt the urge to hurl my beloved red Dualshock 3 right through the TV. So many deaths felt cheap and unavoidable.


Now don’t get me wrong. I understand the backlash against this nerf. Fans want a challenge, and this is undoubtedly that. At the same time I don’t think it’s fair, or good business for that matter, to make a large chunk of your player base to struggle over and over to be able to continue. And for those that want the relentless challenge I say two things. First, beat the game and play it on Titan. I played on normal and was ready to scream after half an hour at the Trial, I can’t even imagine playing on Titan. Second I hope that players will be provided with the option of playing the nerfed or un-nerfed version of the Trial. Playing though the single player campaign is for enjoyment, not competition, and if you want this challenge you should have access to it. I just don’t want to be forced to struggle through it.


on the right...Degenerate08 (3/26/13)




I'll agree it's hard. But I don't agree with this move. It can be beaten as it sits now. I can't believe the are going to Nerf the trial in God of War. Steph is an outstanding reviewer but this time she is way off. Yes, it's one of the hardest parts of the game but take the first God of War for example, where there was part where Kratos was mired in Hades and the challenges there were extremely difficult. If you determine the right combination of weapons and magic you can complete the Trial. Have your clone magic maxed out and it's over before it even starts. Sony should allow the player to have the choice whether or not to Nerf the Trial.


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Tomb Raider is it really that good?


on the left...ANGRY NICK (3/7/13)


To say the least, I’ve never been a particular fan of the Tomb Raider series; the earlier PSX iterations of this game were not impressive to say the least. Components such as the dialogue, choppy storyline, rigid mechanical issue, glitches, and amongst others things were very wrong with the game and clearly spelled “bad game.” However, moving down the line to the latest and greatest in the series is Tomb Raider by Squarenix; let me some up this game in one word, incredible.

Tomb Raider in is very likely one of the best titles I’ve had the opportunity of playing through.


Key Points:

10.0 - Gameplay: With similar gameplay mechanics to Uncharted, Tomb Raider receives a standing ovation for its gameplay. With some of the most fluid, free flowing controls over character movement, environmental interaction and enemy engagement, these aspects alone keep you captivated and motivated to continue to play this game. Overall, this game very impressively allows the player control over Lara’s survival; the unique system introduced to hunt for food, scale surfaces, weapon customization, interactive cut scenes and hands on strategic “duck and cover” enemy firefights are award winning. Engaging the enemy is realistic in completely different capacity, having to decide what situations warrant stealth, enemy distractions and all-out war leave the player with many different options for tackling a situation.


10.0 – Storyline: Tomb Raider has a captivating storyline you follow as you encounter new situations and are challenged with new foes. Even at a quarter of the way through the game your still fighting to understand the fully capacity of what is going on, but are driven to complete more of the game to have those questions answered. With very interactive and realistic dialogue, between ally and enemy alike, the player feels as though you are interacting with a movie. Cut scenes actually involve the player, placing them in positions to properly time button sequences, or, bye bye Lara. There are some points throughout the game where you find yourself watching video recordings that don’t make much sense, and reading journal entries that are cryptic, however, as you progress, these components make more sense later on.


10.0 – Content: Unlike its predecessors, this game is very dark, at times, very grotesque and very graphically strong on gore and violence. This title is deserving of an M-Rating for very good reason; overall, the mood and ambiance presented is a major factor contributes to this title’s overall score. Your often times in a position of desperation and hopelessness and must rely on your survival instincts to survive. There are a number of side-quests, weapon modifications, exploration opportunities, survivor skills to upgrade, weapon selections and multiplayer content that will keep you busy for a while. There is not any one area that you explore that is the same, which makes exploring genuinely entertaining and motivates the player to unlock more content.


Overall, Tomb Raider receives a n ANGRY NICK 10.0. With some of the most intuitive, free flowing gaming mechanics, absolutely amazing graphics, and incredibly interesting storyline, you will certainly not be disappointed if you purchase this game.


This game receives the S0SRAGE Seal of Approval.


on the right...YESELVISLIVES (3/7/13)


Nick, I'll start by saying that Tomb Raider is a great game and everyone should go out of their way to play the game as long as they are age-qualified for this M rated title. That being said WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING DUDE! The game itself despite the overall greatness is not a "10" game and the official Game Source review explains why. With the multitude of small flaws that could've been prevented with more time and polish and either a better attention to or a TOTAL EXCLUSION of the multiplayer was definitely necessary before you can even FATHOM looking at this game being a "9 or 9.5" much less being a "10". I realize young Lara Croft gets you all hot and bothered but don't let your love (aka lust) for her get in the way of making an objective view of the game. I'm glad you're enjoying the game with all the varied things you want/need to do in order to progress in Tomb Raider. Have fun on the island my friend but stop smelling the enchanted flowers, they're clouding your judgement just a tad.


If you agree or disagree with either of us, e-mail us yourgamesource@yahoo.com or comment on our Game Source @Facebook


Final Fantasy! Is it dead? Or should it just be re-invented?


on the left...YESELVISLIVES (12/16/12)


I want to bring up this topic because one of our crew members wanted to write a detailed history on the Final Fantasy series. I thought that would be an awesome idea to go back and come up with the reasons explaining not only the success the series once had, but also why the games have been, up to a certain point, "can't miss” games. Then he mentioned something that, to me, was a little disturbing; his desire to ONLY write about the Final Fantasy series I-XII. Uh, wait a second here, that's great and all, but one needs to look at things from a whole perspective when writing about the Final Fantasy series. However, we as gamers wish to gush over how fantastic FF VII (and it was) and how awesome X was, you also have to explain what has gone wrong with the series in recent times. The rampant mediocrity runs throughout XIII and XIII-2 needs to be explained, and at the same time why couldn't you have just titled them XIII and XIV. Oh that's right, there is a Final Fantasy XIV and it's an online MMORPG to boot. But FF XIV has been such a debacle from day one for Square Enix that it is widely considered a veritable joke among the industry. So much damage has been done to the series by these last three entries that it is my belief that Square Enix does not have enough magic to turn this franchise around, such as they have for Deus Ex, Hitman and Tomb Raider. Now I'm not forgetting the beautiful tech demo of the proposed new Final Fantasy engine that's currently in development. My advice is this: Take that engine and attach to a new IP, re-release the FF games to iOS and/or make HD versions for consoles and PC, and most importantly stop wasting your time dreaming of re-invigorating the series and tarnishing the Final Fantasy name even further.


on the right...s0sRage (12/16/12)


Suggesting that the Final Fantasy series has reached the end of its life and should be discontinued is speaking without knowledge of its history. The fact that this game has several iterations has no bearing on where its future lies; you could apply the same logic to the Madden and NFL series. It’s the same meaningless garbage re-released every year with one “new” team added or some “profound” redesign of its game play.

Final Fantasy is a legacy, not just a series of games. Although in recent releases of the series, the quality of game play, replay value, and story line has in fact diminished. There isn’t any denying that, but if SquareEnix would listen to the objections of the general public and create a title worth playing again, they would be more successful for future releases.

The Final Fantasy series in its entirety doesn’t need to stop being produced; it’s the way that the game is now being developed that needs to stop. Listen to the masses and create an award winning title such as Final Fantasy VII, and you’ll be more successful than you can imagine.


Resident Evil 6!!! Is it really that bad! Or is it just misunderstood!


on the left...YESELVISLIVES (11/20/12)


Look Nick, if you'll just take of the spirit hat for one second you will realize the following when it comes to Resident Evil 6: A) It's production values are top notch and if played through the story gets tied in nicely for Resident Evil fans (which I thought you were one of) B) The Mercenaries mode is one of the best Gears of War Horde-knockoffs in recent memory and creates added fun to an already lengthy game. C) Despite it's sub-standard game mechanics, it still is a halfway decent game I just think as someone who's been drinking the Resident Evil Kool-Aid for far too long you need to grasp a real perspective on the franchise and stop putting it, like so many other fans, on so high of a pedestal. In other words, get a life Nick, get a life...


on the right...s0sRage (11/20/12)


Counter Point #1 – Production Values
Alright old man river; regarding your comment on its production values, top notch is a bit of a stretch, although I have not completed the game, the in game cut scenes take up a considerable part of the game in its entirety. Regardless how seamlessly it blends CG with in game action, it still loses points for, well, lack of actual game time. As for being a fan of this franchise, I could honor that statement before Resident Evil 6; truth be told, I was genuinely excited about its release, until I actually played it. There is still some compelling factor to finish this title, however, trust me; it’s not on my high priority list.

Counter Point #2 – Mercenaries Mode
Provided that the gaming community has evolved so much over the years, online game play historically has been on an incline. Many games have tried to capture the qualities it takes to make a good online multiplayer, something compelling and consisting of enough drive to genuinely engage players in a new experience every time they power on. Resident Evil however didn’t capture those qualities in its Mercenaries Mode that really provided any need to go beyond the campaign. Outside of completing the storyline, what reason was there to even spend another hour of your time killing the undead with your friends and family? Didn’t you already accomplish that through 50% of the game? Mind you, referring to counterpoint #1, you were sitting watching cut scenes for the other 50% of the game, so you didn’t actually kill zombies all that much. This game suffers overall, this area is no exception; you sir, are wrong.

Counter Point #3 – Game Mechanics
Sub-standard? Gerald, I believe that is putting it too kindly; to even say the game mechanics were moderately “ok” is providing too much credit. One of the most influential factors that shred any hope of even marginally making it a 5/10 is just that, its terrible mechanics. During our Live Demo, we had consistent issues making contact with enemies while engaging in hand to hand combat; not only that, your depletion of ammo is ridiculous, not but 20 minutes into the game and your attempting to poke enemies with the end of your knife. It’s fantastic that Leon is sound enough in his masculinity to perform acrobatic feats in mid flight, elegantly pile driving into walls, tables, and the floor, and oh wait, I’m sorry, the occasional enemy as well. Unfortunately, fan of the franchise or not, this games suffers greatly.

Overall, you’re going to need to come at me with stronger material than this; it was a commendable effort, but, failed.